this is me! 


Hi Im Zoya!

I'm an adventure wedding + elopement photographer based out of Anchorage, Alaska. I'm a California born, Idaho raised, Alaska transplant. I moved to Alaska almost 6 years ago when love made me pack up +change my safe + easy life in Idaho. I met my husbabe (husband + babe together because my husband is both)  one winter while in Alaska visiting a close friend. She practically forced me to go on a triple date with this guy she thought I just had to meet.  One date, many hand written letters,  even more facetime calls + 4 month later I packed up my life and moved to Alaska! We were married on 11/14/15 in my husbabes family church in MN. Our life is pretty crazy and different than most, my husbabe is a commercial fisherman. He is gone 5-6 months out of the year on a boat fishing for salmon, communication is limited so hand written letters + satellite phones are our best friends! My summers are spent soaking up Alaskas best season, running away from the tourist locations + filling in my extra time with my amazing clients! When my husbabe is home we spend almost all of our winter out riding our snowmachines ( or snowmobile for those who don't live in me is a debate not worth getting into) , ice-fishing, hunting and hiking! We love Alaska + all the many adventures this states has taken us on so far. 


My Philosophy

I am passionate about passionate people, who love big + are not afraid to own it! I find it important to incorporate our surroundings into my art to help tell a story of who you are as a individual + as a couple.   It is important to me to dig deep to get to know you as an individual + who you are as a couple. I want to tell your love story in the most real, raw + authentic way, so that when people look at your images they see your one unique love + that your images encompass who you are as a couple. There's a real person behind the camera, who feels what you feel, who is invested in you + who wants nothing more than to know what makes your hearts beat together as one.  I want to let you know that I care! I care about you, I care about your one unique love  + I care that you have chosen to live the rest of your one wild + precious life together.